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She's never, to my knowledge, even had a boyfriend. And then there's "insiders" like me who actually work with these people and see first hand their attitudes. Cum on oiled ass. Resource Guide, and Identity. Didn't Michelle Rodriguez deny being gay. Anne ramsay lesbian. Let them be skeptics. He seemed very normal.

The issues on Drop Dead Diva are often very close to my heart. I always wondered about Sasha Cohen. Liebert was one of many Canadian actresses who played tiny roles with zero lines because The L Word shot in Vancouver.

I have to echo the other posters and say that unless you have proof that something is false, then stop clogging up this fucking thread with your bullshit! Shopping for mother clothes and sweater sets really worked! I've gotten the bi vibe from Sasha too, but I haven't heard anything that substantiates that.

The show has been nominated for a GLAAD award for outstanding episode each year for the last four years. So let's see, now there's apparently a multitude of insiders all posting on the net.

One of the reasons why I like Anne as much as I do is that I have a soft spot for lefties! As a considerable measure of you most likely know, Anne Ramsay has done many things in the middle of her time in this series and the present minute.

She instilled in me the confidence to do whatever I set out to accomplish. Black girl gets fucked anal. She looked like a grandmother, but after what she had been through, there was nothing else left for her to lose.

What you're trying to do is come up with a foolproof formula to show an "insider" is lying. God, I loved that.

That should've been "if multiple insiders witnessed the SAME things Is Chrissie Hynde really straight? If they are fake, who cares - it's just for fun. You refuse to see that because you're too busy trying to rip to shreds everything an insider says when you have no basis to do so. She was such a wonderful character. I come here for a few juicy morsels of gossip. It could mean that, but it also could mean that they saw it as well, especially if whatever occurred happened at a public venue.

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Now, don't think that because of my experience means she isn't nice. Scarlett johansson sexy nude pics. I will miss them greatly. She said that in all of years in ballet, she had never met one other lesbian. And she goes through lovers like shit goes through a goose. OK, I have to ask All you're doing is going round and round in circles in some attempt to make it seem like everyone who claims to be an insider is lying.

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Cosplay Is for Everyone. Anne ramsay lesbian. And your character Helen played first base and that's a lot of action. And she admitted in an interview that when those shelves fell down in the PUNK'D episode, that she headed for the door with the intent on boggie'n on out of there Ashley continues to be mean to Amy, thinking that she is gay. Or if you can show that the celeb was doing something at a different time and place from the event that the insider claims occurred, then point out this fallacy.

She had a very popular personal blog once upon a time, and then she recapped The L Wordand then she had the idea to make this place, and now here we all are! Any gossip is better than the "debate" going on in this thread. She became a big lesbian party girl and her antics in lesbian bars in Hollywood West Hollywood actually, and New York are legendary and there have been a couple of pics on the internet with her pants pulled down a little at the back with her up on a bar shaking her money maker at the bartender.

Was she by herself? Follow her on twitter and instagram. Milf bbw nude. You have a famous friend. Some insiders have access to the same celebrities and if particular behavior is common or seen by many, then it would make sense that more than one person would have witnessed it. He also dated several of my competitors, and now he's with Tanith Belbin.

Is the question whether Anne Ramsay is gay or whether it is the same lady as the one from "Throw Mamma From the Train" or what? Michelle is a very down to earth, fun loving gal State rep alleges retaliations from Madigan's allies.

More on next page You know, I never really thought about it, but I can imagine Chrissie Hynde being at least bi. Although Showtime's groundbreaking series Queer As Folk largely focused on its central gay male characters, lesbian couple Melanie and Lindsay played pivotal roles in each of the show's five seasons. So I had to go out and buy mom clothes and little sweater sets and stuff.

I like to think she'd be nice to me, and if she weren't, I'd give it right back. As I said before, very butch type of moments. Welcome Guest [Log In] [Register].

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