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When we first launched in Xbox Game Preview the idea was to release a nudity patch that players in certain territories could download for free to unlock the full nudity option. All general Reddit rules also apply.

You people seem very loose in giving your opinion and interpretation of studies and statistics without citing your sources. Milf riding anal dildo. Aren't they usually seen as a bunch of anti-government evil libs? The urge to kill in order to protect his territory, and the urge to be entertained by the "jublies" of the opposite sex. Age of conan unchained nude mod. Sure, you can toggle certain things, but isnt that why most people will play this game?

We understand you've spent resources on setting up your community server, but we want to keep this subreddit focused on discussion of the game. So I do some reading into this, including of course the article I saw the devstream on, and the writers were saying that we just aren't even included in this covert women of conan booby viewing operation at all. We all are aware that video game article writers have a tendency to be very poor fact finders, though, and that they love to induce disappointment in whoever reads that garbage in this case, me.

So if the biggest complaints comeing out of AoC is that female attacks are slower then hell, deal with it till the update, deal with it till they explain. That was a mammoth 1st post!

I couldn't care less, if this is an intended feature in game. Matt Davidson is a freelance writer for IGN whose mother dreamed that one day he'd be writing a piece about barbarian genitalia. Nudity is part of life itself. Naked sex show. These will supplement our item table instead of replacing them. Seriously, I don't buy the "if I'm gonna play the game I may as well stare at a hot chick" angle.

You know the ones with huge eyes and the cutsy look set in a cartoon environment. If you have criticism, please express it in a civil manner. I seriously doubt any game would have the gall to penalise the sex. I really don't understand this kind of thinking, to me, it is totally ass-backwards. Posted July 13, Sweet krissy nude galleries. Um just an fyi, Korea is way more sensitive about nudity than the US.

It says it was done by animation time, so they did different attack animations for males and females but the guy doing females made it slower without thinking, and then someone else pegged the attack points.

Of course there is always Red Light Center for those of you who can't find sex in rl. Good example of warped morality. Hell, Age of Conan has fully nude models too being as it is from the Netherlands. Pornhub indian lesbian. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Full nudity will be made available on consoles on launch day, May 8th. Well all i know is that in every single one of the Conan short stories written by howard there is a naked or scantily clad woman in it.

All posts, comments, and links submitted to this subreddit do not necessarily reflect the views of Conan Properties Intl.

Petro, if I'm understanding correctly, you didn't replace the mesh, you changed it?

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Home Help Login Register. So how can the government walk in and say, "Hey, your movie doesn't have enough violence. Milf evening dress. You don't play that "clean" Not even openly pornographic games.

A sentiment I wholly agree with, personally. People rationally reacted to all kinds of clothing, including underwear. I think Funcom's depiction of having the ability to have both strong looking female and male characters is awesome!

I think your right, but this did make me laugh on the official boards: Be mindful of others. Awakening did the same thing. But the issue is, nudity, and super gore, and all that sort of thing are there to grab teenagers. Penises and vaginas have to always be censored there.

I could link you to an online story by an Aussie with pics of nude statues and such in South Korea while there researching the sex trade. Age of conan female. Kind of repeating things here, but yeah it's not a super big deal that you're seeing it. Lesbian sex forum. Age of conan unchained nude mod. I have no personal issues with it other than it seems like someone hacking. Big Barda disapproves greatly. It was to fit with the universe. I had imported my Boss from SR3. How does the subjective best RPG of the year fare in this objective test?

That is part of human life. I'd rather hope FunCom was doing this to keep male players from playing as chicks.

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And I'm male myself, just for reference. Robert Howard's original Conan stories, while classic adventure fare, were not shy about showing Howard's sexism and racism. College girls naked fucking. Censorship is wrong, regardless of the situation. Allow me to rebut with my standard rebuttal: H's Conan the Barbarian self.

I, for one, follow no religion. Yeah, I got pics the character and the chat log response, if this is something I need to report.

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